We don’t deserve dogs

We humans don’t deserve dogs
they’re too loyal
to disobey orders,
they’re too loving
to keep us unhappy,
they’re too cute
to be un-adored,
they’re too active
to leave us unoccupied.

they’re ready to get hurt
By humans… by intolerant owners
For humans… as dogs are
loyal, they save and protect their owners

We humans remember dogs only when,
we’re not occupied by e-gadgets,
we’re sad,depressed or hurt,
we’re bored and doing nothing,
we’re there’s no one else with us.

But they don’t do that
only thing that always runs in their head
is about the ones they love.
They always think about their owners ,
they are ready to do anything
to keep their owners happy
they’re there when we’re sad ,
they’re always there with/for us,
even when there are
no other humans with/for us.

Dogs may be a part of your life , but you must know that you’re their whole life.

There’s no way we can compare
ourselves to dogs, as
they lack ego, evilness,
but only emotions and feelings

The point is…we dont deserve dogs,
they are way beyond us
maybe not in behaviour, but character
and their hearts are clear ,pure and precious
which we humans dont possess.

We deserve dogs only when our
hearts are as pure as theirs.

We have our work and
many things to do or think about , but have you ever thought about dogs,
what they think about ?,what’s going on in their head? ,or what thoughts rising in their minds?
Well you’ll get to know that ,all that runs in their head is about you, the owners who take care of them, ofcourse they dont have anything else to think about or any other work like humans.
So dont ever feel that no one thinks or even cares about you, coz There Is Someone Who Does.

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